Friday, July 18, 2014

Dimitris Priftis to sign with Aris for 2 seasons

Better sense prevailed.

Dimitris Priftis is most likely going to be the new head coach of Aris BC for the next 2 seasons according to

He returns 4 years laters as a head coach this time, being the assistant coach of Fotis Katsikaris and David Blatt during season 2009-2010. He's also been the head coach of Kavala, Ikaros and Kolossos in Greece and the assistant coach of the Greek National Team. He actually will return in that role very soon alongside Fotis Katsikaris.

Another member of the coaching staff might return too and this one is Dimitris Nikolaidis that worked in Aris for a number of years and left in 2008. He is mostly known for developing young players especially front-line players like forwards and centers.

According to the article the president of Aris has made an official offer and it's also possible that there will be an announcement tomorrow. The talks with Ilias Zouros fell out because he was asking for more money than Aris could afford.

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