Monday, February 2, 2009

Crisis in CSKA Sofia

Some news from Bulgaria came recently to our attention regarding CSKA Sofia in Bulgaria. During a recent press conference the bulgarian players in the team and the coaches (Ivaylo Jeleff and Ivan Ganchev) revealed lots of unknown facts about the state of the team.

The cause of their problems lies with the management of Georgios Sterjanopulos and Branislav Prelevic(retired greek-serbian veteran player) who according to them (coaches and the team) are running the team unprofessionally and with a high degree of negligence.

Below are some of the key points they made during their press conference.

1. The bulgarian players and the coaches have yet to receive 2 salaries.
2. The foreign players of the team, (serbians and greeks) don't have that problem.
3. The condition of the gym is an absolute disaster. The locker rooms and toilets don't work and there is no staff to clean the floors in the gym, medical supplies are close to running out etc.
4. Contacts between the management and the coaches are done only via e-mail!
5. The director of the team, Branislav Prelevic orders wich players will play and how many minutes.
6. The players of the club are not insured.

There is an open letter from the players and the coaches to the management of the team which describes this situation in detail and its translated version can be found here.


Anonymous said...

proxora bane , gamiseta ola lol

Anonymous said...

akoma me mpasket asxoleitai? afou se xalaei re bane

Anonymous said...

He owes man other players money from previoulsy signed contracts that were not Honored. He has also a case pending with the FIBA FAT for money owed to players signed and not paid.