Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ivanovic to replace Pietrus in Baskonia

Baskonia are about to close a new signing Ivanovic has confirmed. In addition, Florent Pietrus will not continue after termination of his contract with Baskonia.

After the win against Gran Canaria 2014, Dusko Ivanovic has announced that Florent Pietrus will not continue in the team and that "a new player will join on Monday".

Pietrus, who had signed in September for a month, has completed his contract and will not be in the team. "He will not travel to the United States and he will not be in the team. He is a great player and a great person, has helped us a lot and it's a shame that he does not follow ", said Ivanovic as quoted by Radio Vitoria.

The Montenegrin coach has revealed that "there will be a new player on Monday". When asked for details, he suggested that it is "almost closed" but did not disclose details. It is understood to be a low-post player.

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