Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lockdown in the Greek League, the players are on strike

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse.

The Hellenic Professional Basketball Players Association, also known as PSAK in Greece ( have declared that the are on strike. What follows is a loose translation of their announcement.

The General Assembly of the Hellenic Professional Basketball Players Association decided to go indefinitely on strike. The votes were 151 in favor and 24 against this decision and the strike affects the players of the A1 and A2 leagues. We Hellenic Basketball Players do not accept to be ridiculed by the Greek State as they have already agreed in writing to meet all of our demands. This was done 10 months ago.

The Association's decision is to go on strike until our demands are enforced as actual laws. We hope that this decision will be supported by the Teams Association(ESAKE) and also all the rationally thinking team owners, so that we can all together demand the changes that Greek Basketball needs. In any case, even if it's just by ourselves we will demand our rights.

Our list of demands.
1. Insurance cover for all professional players.
2. Full medical cover for all professional players.
3. The reopening of the mutual fund.
4. The right to be employed if our current teams do not pay us.
5. Immediate decisions from the Economic Dispute Committees.
6. Setting up the Collective Employment Agreement that was disbanded in 2008.

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