Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kostas Sloukas to play for Aris on loan

They didn't waste any time after Verginis was injured.

Dimitris Verginis(1.91-PG/SG) got sidelined for about 6 months after a ligament rupture injury during a Greek Cup game against Peristeri. In Aris they lost no time and made a deal with Olympiakos to get Kostas Sloukas(1.98-PG/SG) on loan for one season. Sloukas won't be able to get enough playing time in Olympiakos and Aris needed another guard for the frontcourt so everyone's happy. Sloukas is a player of Olympiakos until the end of season 2011-2012.

Well everyone except some of the fans of the team who didn't like that move considering degrading for their team. However, Sloukas is a fan of Aris, one that actually has a season ticket so this part of his personality will probably be empasised during the official announcement tomorrow. Sloukas has been a long standing member of the Greek Youth National Teams having won many medals in the last 3 years. The deal has been struck for some days now but it hadn't been made official due to certain financial details. There is also a possibility that Aris will try to get Sloukas on-loan for season 2011-2012 with a view to sign him afterwards as a free player.

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