Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The resurrected Maroussi are on a signing spree

After they almost lynched the ambitious wannabe administrators they are now back on track.

And there was a miracle after all with Maroussi. In the last board meeting of the shareholders the wannabe administrators of Maroussi were almost lynched by a few dozens of angry fans who decided to take the situation in their hands. In this case it was probably the best option. The fans attacked using eggs and yoghurt pots among other things.

The major shareholder of Maroussi, Aris Vovos cancelled the contracts he had with them and they voted a new administration. Now the team are on a signing spree with Vaggelis Alexandris as the head coach. Their main targets are Ioannis Gagaloudis(1.87-PG), Nestoras Kommatos(2.03-SF), Dimitris Haritopoulos(2.07-PF/C), Feliks Kojadinovic(1.96-SG/SF), Ousmane Cisse(2.05) and probably others to follow.

In Maroussi they're hoping that the impending strike of the Greek players in the Greek league will take place and that will give them a few more days to prepare although they are seriously late in getting a team ready for the league. They have already lost their participation in the Euroleague Qualifiers and the Greek Cup.

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