Monday, November 22, 2010

Smush Parker offered to Aris

He doesn't get along with Sherf apparently.

Smush Parker(1.93-PG) seems to have been offered to Aris according to and newspaper Athlitika Nea. The former Los Angeles Lakers player started the season in Spartak St. Petersburg but clashed horns with head coach Svi Sherf who in the process, sidelined him and Anton Ponkrashov seems to be the starting PG for the Russian team. Parker wants to leave and they want to get rid of him so everyone wins..

Parker seems to be a candidate to replace the injured Pierre Pierce in Aris but the fans wouldn't very happy with that kind of move as Smush Parker left Aris in bad terms and with a terrible performance cost them a spot in the Euroleague back in 2004. In one game he managed to miss 11 free throws and his general lack of passion for the game left the fans bitter and frustrated. It's probably a red herring and the actual target could be someone else that has been targetted by Aris in the past..

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