Sunday, July 24, 2011

Goettingen announced Damian Saunders

The right man in the right place.

Goettingen announced the signing of defensive expert Damian Saunders(2.01-SF/PF) via their official website. Saunders would have been another sad story in the world of college basketball when in 2007 he was arrested for drugs possession. Subsequently he was dismissed from Marquette but their loss was Duquesne's gain.

Saunders grew into a player that could contribute both offensively and defensively in equal measures but he is mostly known for winning defensive player awards in his conference. The man-to-man style of aggressive full court pressure that Duquesne play is precisely the style of play that Goettingen are famous for. A very careful choice for Goettingen by adding a player that could develop into a future star in Europe. In his last season in Duquesne Damian Saunders averaged 12.6 points 7.9 rebounds 2.5 assists 2.7 blocks and 2.3 steals in a total of 31 games.

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