Friday, July 1, 2011

Lakovic to leave Regal Barça

After six seasons at the Club, Jaka Lakovic will not be playing for Regal Barça next season. The Slovene has won a total of ten trophies in his time at the Club.

Jaka Lakovic will be leaving Barca at the end of his contract this season after six years with the Club in which he has proved himself to be a versatile player who showed he could star in a variety of positions and he has played a key part in Regal’s success over his time at the Club.

Aim was to win the Euroleague 

Jaka Lakovic joined Barça in 2005/06 after winning almost everything with Panathinaikos and with the aim of taking the one title he’d not yet won –the Euroleague. He fulfilled that objective with Barça at the Final Four in Paris in 2010. He became a reference point for the team and a key member of the 2008/09 ACB winning team.

Only Basile has played more

He suffered from injuries during the 2009/10 season, but he still managed to put in a great year –winning four titles in all. In his final season at Barça, he became the foreign player with the second most appearances for the team, beating Audie Norris and only behind Basile and picked up four more titles to make it ten during his time with Regal Barça.

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