Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Minic and Takianos to take the helm in Aris

One to get players and one to coach them..

According to, the new head coach of Aris is going to be rising star Fotis Takianos. The young Greek head coach managed to get 2 teams promoted in the A1 league the last few years and he is considered one of the Greek head coaches to look out for. He is also a former player of Aris although he didn't spend long in the team.

Milan Minic also returns to Aris after leaving as head coach back in 2003. This time he returns as a technical director and his task will be to find good and cheap players. The times are tough for Aris who are now in debt and it seems that for the next 2 seasons the team's budget will be tight as some of the money will be going to cover the debts of the previous years.

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