Thursday, July 14, 2011

Iraklis to merge with Panellinios?

An interesting rumor from Greece.

Iraklis BC was relegated(again) at end of the regular season (2010-2011) and much like their football counterpart they're seeking another way to remain in the league. That is by merging with another team that seems to be left more or less to its own devices by its fan and its owner and that is the team of Panellinios. The people at Panellinios moved the team from Athens to Lamia but that didn't work very well as the team that took part in the Eurocup final four in the previous season, in this past season they barely made it past the relegation zone.

Iraklis on the other hand was an example to avoid with their poor roster design and their inability to create a solid administration they managed to create debts and the team never had a chance to fight for its salvation. According to, the plan is under way and soon there will be more details on the subject.

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