Thursday, September 11, 2008

4 candidates for Tau

According to El Correo Digital, the administration of Tau is considering 4 american players for the position of the starting point guard in Tau in order to cover for Dragic's imminent transfer to the NBA and the Phoenix Suns.

President Querejeta said that they are looking for someone that will make a good pair with Pablo Prigioni and he also said that youngster Nocedal will be promoted to the main team. He also said that the team is considering 4 american players at the moment for that position.

Rumors from Spain say that one of the candidates is Smush Parker(1.93-PG/SG). Smush Parker has played in numerous teams in the NBA including Cleveland, Detroit, Phoenix, LA and Miami. He also played for one season(03-04) in Greece and Aris Thessaloniki. In his last season he played for Miami Heat and the LA Clippers. In 28 games he averaged 5.9 points 2.4 rebounds and 2.9 assists.


Anonymous said...

do they have valet parking in spain?

taufan said...

The person who made the translation from Spanish to English did not understand what was being said in the article. Tau is looking for a back up point guard for their star Pablo Prigioni, not a starting PG. Get your facts straight.

kid said...

it sounds strange to get smush to be prigioni's backup..