Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ben Gordon to decide about CSKA

Another article about Ben Gordon has surfaced. According to greek website the CSKA Moscow has made an offer to the NBA superstar of 5.5 million dollars per year whereas Gordon seems to want more a bit more, around 7 million dollars to match the contract the Childress got from Olympiakos.

The jamaican shooting guard was born in London and that gives him a dual nationality, so he has both jamaican and british nationalities and he is also a member of the British National Team. Gordon rejected an offer earlier this year from the Chicago Bulls for 6.4 million dollars. Although if you take into consideration the NBA taxation system that would leave him less than 4 million dollars in net profit.

The article says that the whole matter will have ended by Wednesday and Ben Gordon will give his final answer. He was the leading scorer of the Chicago Bulls last season averaging 18.6 points 3.1 rebounds and 3 assists in 72 games.


Docksquad said...

Don't go BGEEZY!!!

Anonymous said...

How's he Jamaican if he was born in England and grew up in New York?

Anonymous said...

If your parents are jamaican, you must be jamaican.. does it matter if
you're born in london?

The Hoop said...

What he said..

Just because they gave birth to him in London doesn't mean he became english all of a sudden. The fact that he can play in their national team is a completely different bureaucracy issue. Well done to them for securing a player of his calibre.