Thursday, June 14, 2012

Panathinaikos on a head coach safari

They want to move fast.

In Panathinaikos they don't want to waste any time and they want to settle the head coach issue as soon as possible. According to, the general manager of the team, Manos Papadopoulos, left today for Austria where he is going to meet the players of the Greek National Team.

From there on he will travel to an undisclosed location (in a cloak and dagger fashion) where he will liaise with the favourite to become the new head coach of Panathinaikos. The article says that Manos Papadopoulos along with veteran Fragiskos Alvertis are handling the matter and the next head coach could even be announced by this coming Sunday.

There are many speculations in the article. One of them is that the next head coach is a name that hasn't come up in any rumor so far which is pretty damn difficult to have happened and that the choice for a head coach will suprise everyone. That does sound a bit ominous if you're a Panathinaikos fan. It does sound rather exciting though to see who will try to reclaim the title back from Olympiakos.

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