Friday, June 22, 2012

Printezis has offers from CSKA, Fener and Efes

Official offers on paper.

Giorgos Printezis(2.05-PF) is still in talks with Olympiacos about renewing his contract with them. There is still a big gab between the player and his former team and Printezis' value has suddenly gone up again after a terrific season with the Euroleague champion. According to allstarkourouna, Printezis' agent presented 3 officials offers to the administration of Olympiacos for CSKA Moscow, Fenerbahce and Efes Pilsen and the offers seem to be 1.2 million euros per season.

Obviously this means that Olympiacos cannot match the offers currently so they'll have to come a lot closer to what the player is asking. The talks are still favorable for Olympiacos and there is no immediate danger for the player to leave them permanently. Recently there have been rumors that Olympiacos are after Kostas Kaimakoglou(2.05-PF) who is now a free agent from Panathinaikos which could be a publicity stunt but it could also be a genuine plan B in case the talks with Printezis don't prosper.

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