Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Up to 6 American players next season in Greece

Desperate times require desperate measures. This comes to confirm a previous report.

According to, it has been decided by the Greek basketball league (ESAKE), that from next season onwards each team would be allowed to sign up to 6 American players in their roster. Obviously this means that they can sign any type of non-Greek players they choose as long as they don't exceed the limit of 6.

This change comes through with the change of president in the league where the former president, Vassilis Oikonomidis tried to cancel the elections by invoking personal reasons. Obviously his demand wasn't met and so the league voted for a new president. It is needless to say that the former president will not be missed in the slightest as he left behind a wreck of a league. Rumors say he tried to throttle the elections when he realised that his votes were not as secure as he thought.

Anyhow the new president promised among other things to cut any salaries of the members of the league's administrative board as part of a wider change that would ensure more funds and chances of survivals for the teams.

The change will have to be approved by the federation as well and it is almost certain that the players union will have objections regarding this.

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