Friday, June 8, 2012

Up to 6 American players n Greece?

It's not certain yet but it would transform the league.

According to, the Greek League administration have pondered about the possibility of changing the limitations of non-Greek players. At the moment there are 6 non-Greek players allowed but only a maximum of 3 non-European players are allowed.

The new thought is to lift that limitation so it could be 6 non-European players for next season. Obviously this means that the Greek teams will find themselves more open to the American market that is so saturated with players they possibly wouldn't know where to begin. This could have a number of consequences.

First and foremost Greek teams will be able to find cheaper players, either straight out of colleges or out of smaller leagues that can play straight away and cover some of the biggest gaps now, especially in the frontcourt. Quality big men are a rarity in the Greek players market.

On the other hand this could demolish and undermine any attempts to rejuvenate the infrastructure and development for new Greek players. In other leagues like Germany, where teams are allowed more freely to sign American players the teams have become much more competitive yet there are very few quality German players to be found.

The players union have yet to comment on this development but they are aware of it. Perhaps by limiting the non-Greek players to 4 but without any limits for non-Europeans might be the solution that will make the league prosper but also allow for more quality Greek players to emerge. Who knows..

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