Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lakovic stays, Sada arrives?

According to El Mundo Deportivo Jaka Lakovic does not want to leave Barcelona. He said that he has one more year of contract with Barcelona and he intends to fulfill it. Rumors appeared earlier this week that Efes Pilsen is after the slovenian combo-guard but the turkish team denies the rumors.

It would be foolish of Lakovic or Efes Pilsen to admit any interest since the player is already bound with a contract. Coach Pascual wants Terrell Mcintyre in Barcelona but Siena wants them to pay 1.5 million euros to buy his contract out and then they would have to pay another 1.5 million euros per year for McIntyre's contract.

Barcelona is also after Victor Sada of Girona that faces serious financial problems.
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