Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Malaga announced Gary Neal

When Malaga signed Juan Dixon(1.91-SG/PG) they thought that they hit the jackpot.

And indeed the ex-NBA star did make a difference with his scoring but what they didn't know in Malaga was that Dixon was still carrying "baggage" from Greece. Dixon started the season in Aris Thessaloniki and he was dismissed after a few games. The reason that was cited was that the player didn't fit the coach's plans although Dixon did say he wasn't given a proper explanation.

The "baggage" that Dixon was carrying was the positive result of an anti-doping test that he submitted when he first signed with Aris. Later on Dixon said that it had to do with vitamin supplements he was taking but noone has head of him since then. The new addition of Malaga is again a prolific scorer much like Dixon but he is carrying different "baggage".Gary Neal(1.93-SG) was suspended by Benetton for missing a practice session with the Italian and they decided to sell his rights to Malaga who were looking for a scorer. Neal started his pro career in Europe playing  for Karsiyaka and then moved to Barcelona. For the last 2 seasons he's been playing for Benetton Treviso. So far he has averaged 19.4 points 4.1 rebounds and 2.8 assists in 22 games in Italy for Benetton. The deal was  announced by the official website of Malaga that says that the deal will be made final once Neal passes the medical test. They wouldn't want to repeat the same mistake now, would they..

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