Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rudy Fernandez is the hot stuff this summer

Rudy Fernandez is going to examine all of his options this summer.

Accoridng to, Spanish superstar Rudy Fernandez(1.98-SG/SF) will try his very best to remain in the NBA but under his own conditions. He wants to find a team where he will get more playing time and a more important role. He is still bound by contract with Portland for 2 more seasons. At the moment he's averaging 5 points 1.6 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 5 games in the NBA Playoffs for Portland.

If this fails though there is no problem. 3 teams in Spain have already approached Fernandez and should he want to return there will be 3 offers on the table straight away. Barcelona and Baskonia have already approached him and Real Madrid got their Sports Director, Antonio Maceiras to talk to Fernandez. In Real Madrid they're desperate for results and titles to justify all that money they've splashed out on players, so they might offer him the most money this summer. The article says that Fernandez will not discuss an offer that is less than 2.5 million euros per season!

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