Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Qyntel Woods could return to the NBA

Below is an extract from the interview that Qyntel Woods(aka LeBron of Poland) gave to Brendan Bowers of Slam Magazine.

Yeah it’s fair to say I developed a connection with the Polish Fans that follow our team. I have a different style of game than a lot of people in Europe are used to seeing, and I think that plays a big role in why they’re drawn to me so much. I’m like a big guard at 6-8, and I can handle the ball, I can shoot, and I try to do everything as far as rebounding and blocking shots as well, and I think they’re not used to seeing a guy who does all those things. ”

They’re probably not used to seeing 6-8 guards who can handle, shoot and defend like he can — and has this season — because those guys eventually find themselves playing in the League with the real LeBron. Which is the very place Qyntel may end up next season, and he might even find himself playing alongside James himself. According to a source I spoke with last week, Cleveland and Washington are among several teams that have been over to scout Qyntel Woods this past season. But continuing his focus of the task at hand, he isn’t thinking about all that right now.

The NBA is where I would like to be, and if I make it back to the NBA that would be great. But right now, I don’t really think about it as much as I used to. I’m focused on my career over here right now, and I’m doing well, so it’s not really my main goal, but it is a goal I would like to accomplish.”

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