Sunday, April 4, 2010

Miha Zupan to play in Italy

Miha Zupan decided that it was time for him to leave and he left the team of Trikala.

Miha Zupan(2.05-PF/C) was one of the most important players for Trikala 2000 but he decided to leave the team and move to Italy. In Greece they're furious about Zupan's decision to leave without saying anything and more over because although the team has financial problems he's one of the players that had most of their monies paid to them.

Zupan is going to play in Italy and Brindisi according to a local website. Brindisi are at the top of the league in Lega Due and Zupan is another way for them to ensure that they're going to play in LegaA1 next season. As a player of Trikala he averaged 13.3 points 4.7 rebounds and 1.7 assists in 21 games in the Greek A1 League. Miha Zupan is the first, partially deaf player in the Euroleague.

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