Saturday, August 21, 2010

VEF Riga announced Artsiom Parakhouski

Riga snatched Parakhouski for next season.

In a surprising turn of events, what seemed like a done deal, buckled under the pressure from both sides. Aris was in the lead to sign Artsiom Parakhouski(2.11-C) but there was one condition that neither the player or the team would agree on. Aris wanted a 2-season contract with a buy-out clause but Parakhouski wanted just a one season contract so that he would become a free agent in the summer.

It seems that Riga didn't have that problem and swiftly snatched the player from Aris. Vice president Vandis Valters said during the official announcement that Parakhouski was quite popular and many teams were interested to sign him, so he is quite pleased with how things turned out. In Aris they're back on the drawing board looking for a new center with a few candidates in mind.

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