Monday, August 23, 2010

Scandal with Fasengas in Greece

What people do for money..

According to, Alpha Diallo Fasengas' Greek nationality could possibly be revoked and the player will no longer be able to play for Panathinaikos as a Greek player.

Panathinaikos was in a rush to sign the "next big thing" of Greek(or so they said) basketball. Alpha Diallo Fasengas(2.08-C) has an impressive physique for a player of 16 years of age. His huge wingspan and ability to learn basketball in less than a year created a massive media coverage for the youngster that also led to the uncovering of the scandal.

Fasengas' parents are both from Guinea. His real father's whereabouts are unknown and he is considered possibly dead as he was the bodyguard of Guinea's dictator that was overthroned in 2008. Since then he was known to be locked up but there have been no signs of life since then according to the article.

It also mentions that a Greek man was allegedly paid the sum of 1,500 euros to pose as the biological father of the youngster and was also promised a 1% commission if the player was sold to a team. There was an official administrative investigation into the matter by the Ministry of Decentralization and eGovernment in Greece to find out exactly what happened and verify the validity of the Fasengas' Greek citizenship.

If this proves out that his documents are actually fake it will be a massive debacle for all those involved. The Greek Basketball Federation that got the player to participate in the U-18 Eurobasket competition and Panathinaikos that rushed to sign the player without double checking if every detail is correct.

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