Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fernandez wants to return to Europe.. again..

Fans of the Portland Trail Blazers have always had an irrational love for Rudy Fernandez. The athletic shooting guard has started a total of six games for the franchise over the last two seasons, yet the fan base will spontaneously unite and cry out in unison if any jabs whatsoever are thrown in the Spaniard's direction.

A great example of this irresponsible passion occurred in the my early days of Twitter, when Rudy was caught from behind on a fast break attempt by then-Laker Trevor Ariza back in March of 2009. It was a flagrant foul to be sure, but Blazer fans wanted blood, and I tried to be the voice of reason in defense of Ariza and the Lakers. You can guess how that went down, and in fact, I think I'm still blocked from following @blazersedge on Twitter to this day because of the events of that night.

In any case, this is somewhat worthwhile in bringing up today, as Fernandez (via his agent Andy Miller) seems to be done with the Blazers and the NBA, and is ready to return to Europe, for a variety of reasons.

Jorge Sierra of interviewed Miller, and along with some other tidbits, published this quote which pretty much sums up the situation between Fernandez and the Blazers.

"The impression I'm getting more and more is that he's lost interest in playing in the NBA, quite frankly," Miller said. "It's my impression that Rudy would prefer to be in Europe rather than the NBA at this point."

Ouch. So, whether it's playing time, role on the team, or something else entirely, it appears as though Fernandez will not be back in Portland next season. I'm sure that's distressing on some level to Blazers' fans, but fear not: you still have the return of Greg Oden to look forward to, which should be more than adequate in terms of a reason to be completely underwhelmed and disappointed in your favorite team next season.

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