Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maroussi announced Dewarick Spencer for 2 seasons

Since Saturday night the scorer Dewarick Spenser (28, 1.93) is a player of Maroussi BC.

The U.S. Shooting guard sent a signed two-year contract with Maroussi BC that moved with utmost secrecy and managed to incorporate a high level player in the squad.

Spencer's career began at Folkner State. The last two years of college in his career (2003-2005) he was transferred to the Arkansas State where he graduated averaging 18.6 points.

France was the first stop in his professional career. In particular he played two years (2005-2007) in Roanne. The first season ended with 15.3 points average. The second was the leader who led the team to win the championship for the first time in history. Spencer not only became the leading scorer in the league with 20.6 points (60% 2pts, 38% in three-pointers) but also the best guard and MVP of the League.

Playing with Virtus Bologna, got his first taste of the Euroleague and even became the second best scorer of the event behind Mark Salyers. He had 18.1 points (48% in three-pointers), 3.2 rebounds and 1.5 assists. In the Italian league had 14.7 points. Before the end of the season, accepted the offer of Efes and moved to Turkey to replace Drew Nicholas. In Efes he averaged 8.8 points with 47% in three-pointers.

In 2008 he returned to France, signing a contract with Le Mans. In Pro-A remained two years: the first season he averaged 15.5 points in the league and 13.7 points in the Euroleague. Last year the Eurocup he had 17.6 points average, with 93% in free throws, 58% in 2pts and 40% in three-pointers. He even dished 2.3 assists in 30 minutes of participation. In the French league last season scored 18.

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