Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maroussi to sign Sarikopoulos and Karapostolou

Although everything is up in the air, in Maroussi they are still planning ahead.

Maroussi are going to sign Zisis Sarikopoulos(2.13-C) and Sotiris Karapostolou(1.95-SG/SF). The Greek team is in the middle of changing administration and management and although the deal is still not secure they are still signing players.

Their next move is to book youngster Zisis Sarikopoulos(2.13-C) who is a long standing member of the Greek Youth National Teams. Sarikopoulos got the Silver Medal in the last U-21 Eurobasket with Greece but he didn't get any playing time in Ohio State where he only played one season. The other target for Maroussi is Sotiris Karapostolou who played for Iraklis last season and helped them earn a promotion back to the A1 league. He is known as a good 3-point shooter and this quality is appreciated now even more with the new rules.

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