Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Darryl Middleton stays in Girona to help

Veteran power forward Darryl Middleton has decided to stay with Girona in the next season that they will be playing in LEB Bronze. The 43-year old american player said that money is not an issue and he wants to help Girona return to the big leagues. He also played for Girona last season but the team's financial problems led the team to the lower leagues.

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ambarri said...

How difficult is to recognize when one is becoming an old man... Don't you remember, Darryl, when you were criticizing Epi because of his aim to keep on playing in Barcelona, an attitude that you judged poor, as a lack of reality sense, causing a scanty yield to the team and preventing young players to place his site and improve their careers?

Just be honest: recognize now it deals with you... and is good for you to look like some kind of hero...

Someone who knows you well.