Saturday, November 27, 2010

Aris waiting on Kenny Hasbrouck

They need another scorer more than anything else.

In Aris Thessaloniki luck is not apparent. They lost Dimitris Verginis(1.91-PG/SG) only after a few weeks and he won't back until February or March. Now they lost Pierre Pierce(1.93-PG/SG) too who will back in the span of 5-7 weeks and they can't wait for him. They needed another guard to fill his shoes and since the opportunity has arisen they will try to go for someone different. Jason Hart(1.91-PG) and Sundiata Gaines(1.85-PG) were the last names that were added to a long list of offered players.

So far Curtis Jerrells(1.85-PG/SG) asked for too much money, Sean Singletary(1.83-PG/SG) hasn't replied because there are other offers on the table, (especially one from Eurocup opponents Azovmash Mariupol and they can offer a lot more dollars) and the last offer they made was to Kenny Hasbrouck(1.91-PG/SG), who was recently waived by the Miami Heat. According to Athlitika Nea, a newspaper affiliated to Aris Thessaloniki, the Thanksgiving holiday put the transfer on hold temporarily but it is expected that Aris will announced someone today after the game with Kolossos Rhodes for the Greek A1 league. It could possibly be Hasbrouck who averaged 4.6 points 1.4 rebounds and 3 assists in 5 games with the Miami Heat in preseason.

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