Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Aris in talks with MTA to get Yaniv Green on loan

They desperately need a center after they almost lost last weekend.

Aris is in negotiations with Maccabi Tel Aviv according to sources from Aris and Maccabi Tel Aviv share many ties. Sharon Drucker used to be the assistant coach in Maccabi, he and David Blatt have the same agent and also the president of Aris, Giannis Damanidis and David Blatt are friends among other things. So It wasn't really a surprise when the first rumors surfaced that Aris are trying to get Yaniv Green(2.06-C) on loan again. They tried earlier this month but the deal didn't go through because Maccabi wouldn't cover enough of the contract for Aris to be able to afford the player.

At the moment the 2 teams are in negotiations again and that means that there will be an addition in the front-line and not a substitution. However that doesn't mean that there won't be another change in the future. In Aris there are still 2 more bosman positions available.  Yaniv Green is not in the immediate plans of David Blatt and that is apparent because of his minimial playing time. However Green wants to get his entire contract of 450,000 dollars so it will all depend on how much Aris will be able to cover and how much will Maccabi endure as a cost. More on this would unfold in the next few days and definitely after tonight's game against Azovmash.

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