Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fans push Pilafidis to resign, Kalafatakis to take over

It was only the 2nd game.

The fans of Iraklis hosted a hostile reception for the players and the technical staff of the team upon their arrival to the team's home court. Iraklis had lost to Paok in the 2nd game of the Greek League (78-59) with a 19 point margin so the fans decided to take it upon themselves and become judge and jury for a team that barely had time to do a preparation stage and has a really low budget.

Kostas Pilafidis didn't take this very lightly and he surrendered a letter of resignation the administration of the team citing personal reasons for his resignation. Information from from our friends at suggests that there have been efforts by people within the team to urge to change his mind but that seems unlikely knowing the personality of the former head coach. This would have been Pilafidis return to Iraklis after many years but chances are it will end up in tears just after the 2nd game. According to our friends at, the usual suspect, Giorgos Kalafatakis is on a plane to Thessaloniki to try and rescue yet another team from relegation.

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