Sunday, November 14, 2010

Giannakis the leading candidate for Valencia

It was only a matter of time before Hussein was fired.

Panayotis Giannakis is the leading candidate for the bench of Valencia and the one that the administration wants to fill in for Manolo Hussein according to The Spanish site says that pretty much every single coach who is free at the moment has been offered to Valencia. Yesterday the candidates were Zouros, Comas and Becirovic.

It seems that Manuel Comas was also considered but rejected. The second runner up would be Serbian veteran Svetislav Pesic who has won a quite a few titles in his time. Giannakis seems to be the strongest candidate and he is currently available. He has been the head coach of Olympiakos for the last 2.5 seasons. Greek media seem to have picked up on the story and the consensus there is great difficulty in his case and it all comes down to the duration of the contract. There aren't any more details as to what that means though but it is expected that Giannakis will probably decline the offer.

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