Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rumors about Stojakovic and Olympiakos

It was about time for the rumors to emerge..

This is the time of the year when one(or both) of the two Greek powerhouses are ailing and a "messiah" of sorts is required to steer them back on track. In this case it's the usual suspect of latter years, Olympiakos. Dusan Ivkovic has returned to the team that he won the triple crown with and it seems that he has a huge gap in the small forward position.

Kostas Papanikolaou(2.03-SF) and Marko Keselj(2.09-SF) have been recruited to the cause but it seems that Papanikolaou has only started his Euroleague career and Keselj is finding it difficult to adjust to a team like Olympiakos where playing time is not abundant. So this rumor comes from gossip column "Svetlana" of and it says that although a strict economic policy has been outlined by the owners of Olympiakos the possibility of another addition is not unlikely.

The rumor says that Predrag Stojakovic(2.08-SF) is likely to think about moving to Greece and Olympiakos if the compensation fee that he gets from Toronto is adequate. That means that he would be willing to perhaps sign a contract with Olympiakos. He was recently traded to Toronto as a part of a 5 player deal that landed Jerryd Bayless(1.91-PG) and Predrag Stojakovic to Toronto.

Stojakovic is the owner of a Greek passport and his deadly perimeter shot would make him the ideal addition for the Olympiakos of Dusan Ivkovic. Currently though this is only a rumor and above all wishful thinking but should it become true then it would make Olympiakos a whole new different team with serious firepower at their disposal. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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