Sunday, September 20, 2009

DSM to sue BC Kalev?

While Josh Pace prepares for the NBA D-League Draft, his agent Nate McCray has advised that his firm DSM will file a 1 million dollar lawsuit against Estonia's BC Kalev, which is run by President Ivar Valdmaa for the team's breach of contract.

McCray stated that he has already consulted with and hired a Tallinn based firm that handles international lawsuits to slap the team with the suit seeking compensatory damages for the team not following their legal contract obligations for Pace's contract. It's alleged that BC Kalev's General Manager, Remo Holsmer and team President Ivar Valdmaa are attempting to avoid honoring their obligation but McCray advised that they will soon realize the seriousness of this matter.

source : DSM

Note : As this information came directly from DSM if the administration of BC Kalev have anything to say against it they should forward it to the Hoop. Thanks.
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