Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kafkis and Tsiaras to stay in Paok

Panayotis Kafkis(1.95-PG) and Giorgos Tsiaras(2.07-SF/PF) who were suing their team for a breach of contract decided today to stay in the team with a smaller contract. The team of Paok came back to the players and offered them a smaller contract than they would originally receive. Panayotis Kafkis was going to earn 180,000 euros but he accepted a reduction of 70,000 euros so he will be playing in the next season for Paok for 110,000 euros.

Giorgos Tsiaras on the other hand had a bigger contract of 235,000 euros and he decided to accept a reduction of 90,000 euros leading to a contract of 135,000 euros. These can be considered internal transfers for Paok and it might also seem that there won't be any other transfers for their backcourt but they still need to complete their front line.

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