Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bartzokas quit as head coach of Maroussi

One season without any money was enough.

Giorgos Bartzokas resigned from his position as head coach of Maroussi BC. The team is under new management but under very shady circumstances. They're so shady that nobody really knows what's going on in the team. Noone knows if there is a new owner of if there is a new general manager. Bartzokas won the award of Head Coach of the Year for season 2009-2010 but it's no secret that none of the players of Maroussi were paid any salaries.

All key players of Maroussi last season signed in other teams and although they recently signed Dewarick Spencer and Ron Slay, noone really knows how will such expensive players be paid. Bartzokas left because the players were not given any of their first salaries and he drew a line showing that he is not willing to coach another team of unpaid players. The future of Maroussi now hangs in the balance as this could signal a surge of departures..

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