Saturday, September 25, 2010

Budivenlik announced Dewarick Spencer

It took Spencer a while but he did make the right choice.

Dewarick Spencer is now the new player of BC Budivelnik and he was announced by the Ukrainian club today. Spencer decided to leave Greece after the debacle of signing with Maroussi BC and he will try to help his team qualify in the Euroleague of next season. The announcement can be found below:

Budivelnik sign Spencer, part with Balashov

With a start of the season Budivelnik have finished with signings. The last player that joined Kyiv squad is Dewarick Spencer. Last season he spent with French Le Man.

Following this Budivelnik parted with one of the team’s veteran Maksym Balashov. He went to Dnipro-Azot on loan. Balashov has spent 9 seasons with Budivelnik being one of the leaders some years ago.  

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