Thursday, September 16, 2010

Maroussi out of Euroleague Qualifying Rounds

The goods news are that they haven't hit bottom yet..

Maroussi BC are out of the Euroleague qualifiers according to This happened because the administration of Maroussi did not submit all the necessary documents to the ULEB and hence they cannot participate in the Qualifying rounds. Another team will take their place and it will not be a Greek team.

Another player left today, Zisis Sarikopoulos(2.13-C), who will be signing a 3-season agreement with Panionios instead. Everything is falling apart around Maroussi and noone seems to be able to stop it. The previous owner of the team Aris Vovos still abstains and the 300 odd fans of the team have no real political power to force any decisions in Greece. The current administration must be seriously pissed off because this time last year there wasn't anyone paid either but they knew they had something great. They haven't really done anything though to help themselves either. Bad timing to start an unpaid team in Greece? Quite so.

There is no telling whether Maroussi will be able to participate even in the Greek A1 league and the rest of the players refused practising as they haven't been paid.

Will there be anyone capable to stop the downfall? Doubtful..

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