Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maroussi falling apart, Batis leaving for Panionios.

More people will leave the sinking ship.

Maroussi BC is the example to avoid this season when it comes to basketball teams. Although they were a prime example of organisational prowess combined with extensive PR they have no fans. Well they do have some fans but they're probably less than 200.. so as soon as the owner of the team bailed out on them and gave the management to the team to someone less than credible the team started falling apart. No fans can come to the rescue and everyone awaits the mayor of the municipality of Maroussi to save the team like a modern messiah. This is unlikely to happen according to statements that owner Aris Vovos made to, saying that it actually be too late for the team to even take part in next season's A1 league. Vovos tried to transfer the ownership to O.F.I. a team of the B' Division of Greece based in Crete but his plans were thwarted by the mayor and the semi-pro part of the team who onwed 10% of the shares. This is what happens when you put a politician in charge of.. well pretty much anything..

On another front, after coach Bartzokas, Marios Batis(1.90-PG) is leaving the team according to and he will join Panionios next season. He averaged 3.3 points and 1.6 assists in 32 games last season.

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