Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bojan Popovic is a taget of Aris

Bojan Popovic shouldn't stay a free agent for very long.

Aris BC made an enquiry into the case of Bojan Popovic(1.91-PG). The Serbian point-guard was recently released by Partizan Belgrade. The player didn't fit the style of the team according to the Euroleague official site and so now he is back on the market as a free agent. Bojan Popovic has both Euroleague and Eurocup experience and Aris are still looking for that one final guard to complete the backcourt. Quite handily coach Drucker and Bojan Popovic still share ties with the same agent.

The first target is Milos Vujanic whose asking price is still in excess of 200,000 euros. Yotam Halperin is also a target of Aris but it seems that Olympiacos and Dusan Ivkovic still haven't made a decision about whether they'll keep him or not. Also Halperin wants more money than what Aris are offering and what Olympiacos are offering as a compensation. So Popovic could actually fit the bill here as he is more of a point-guard than Halperin and could end up costing less than either of them. Jason Hart was also a target but his asking price was quite high and Curtis Jerrells still wants to pursue a contract in the NBA and will remain in the training camp of the Spurs until October. Popovic played for Lietuvos Rytas and Efes Pilsen last season. In Lietuvos Rytas he averaged 11.2 points 2 rebounds and 5.4 assists in 10 Euroleague games and in Efes Pilsen he averaged 3.3 points 2 rebounds and 1.3 assists in 6 Euroleague games.

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