Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rumors for Songaila, Skola, Savanovic or Stojakovic and Olympiakos

Could there be one last transfer move for Olympiakos or is it a red herring?

It's said that Olympiakos hasn't made a transfer that will make a splash, or a bang in the transfer market and wow the crowds. Nothing like Kleiza or Childress who both returned to the safety of the NBA courts where fireworks, bottles and mobile phones don't get hurled at them. Nevertheless the owners of Olympiakos are not known for their money spending savvy. If nothing else they've signed quite a few disproportionate contracts in their time. Sometimes giving away too much, other times sending away perfectly good players for being too stingy..

Nevetheless, this newspaper that is affiliated to Olympiakos, by the name of Gavros(in Greek it means anchovy and is a nickname of the fans of Olympiakos due to its red color), says that there are 4 more transfer targets for Olympiakos. One might that the players of Olympiakos are perfectly good players for any Euroleague team but most of them lack a certain "star status" that the fans might have hoped for their team. Nesterovic is hardly the ex-NBA heartthrob.. And having such rich bosses makes you wonder there is actually an intention to win the last laugh of transfers or perhaps they will not do anything about it.

The targets cover a vast array of positions.. from small forward to center. They are namely Luis Scola, Predrag Stojakovic, Darius Songaila and last but not least Dusko Savanovic who is certainly the budget option, compared to the other 3 and somewhat less of a star player.

Perhaps the paper wants to attract more readers with such bold claims or perhaps there is actually something in the making. I'd opt for the first choice but you never know. Dusko Savanovic doesn't sound like a far fetched choice after all.

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Anonymous said...

Scola is at the peak of his career and has achieved very solid status in the NBA. It's hard to believe he'd give up on it, not to mention that he's signed to guaranteed ca. 47 million $ over the next five seasons.
Judge rules: red herring.

Peja is less of a red herring as he's in the last year of his contract, yet earning big bucks his team would like to rid. I can see it happen provided the Hornets do that - then it is possible he's back to the country he's got some history and family connections to.
Pretty much the same with Songaila: it's the last year of his contract and his new team might opt for releasing him.