Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rumors about Jasikevicius and Aris

All because he wants to stay in Greece.

This rumor was circulated in the late hours of last night and it was circulated amongst the journalists in Greece but it was that decided to release it first. Sarunas Jasikevicius is a name that needs no introduction and much speculation has formed around his name and a possible destination the last few months. The player did say that he would like to remain in Panathinaikos but it seems that his cycle there has come to an end. Obviously, stranger things have happened and one shouldn't dismiss a transfer of the last minute that would be the return of Jasikevicius to Panathinaikos.

The player's desire is to remain in Greece and that's because he recently became a father and since his girlfriend is Greek. The rumor is that in Aris, they are tired of waiting for Olympiakos to release Halperin and there is time pressure because this development also halts the addition of a center, possibly from the American market(with a few targets already in mind). They're also waiting on Milos Vujanic to possibly drop his demands, although that seems unlikely. So now there is also Sarunas Jasikevicius added to the list and Aris will approach the Lithuanian veteran and they won't be banking on money but his desire to stay in Greece. This could also be leverage against Halperin or Vujanic now that such a prestigious name has been added on the list. And there is always the case of money as Aris cannot offer what teams like Panathinaikos could offer.

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