Monday, November 17, 2008

AEK under threat of expulsion from the A1league

AEK Athens is under threat from expulsion from the greek league A1. Last season AEK signed slovenian center Smiljan Pavic(2.10-C). Although the player never even played his contract was still valid but the previous administration of AEK failed to pay it.

Hence the player has filed lawsuits against AEK via FIBA and has also filed a similar suit via a commitee in Greece that deals with pro athletes. AEK needs to pay the sum of 102.400 euros in total by the 21st of November. Failure to do so can result to AEK being expelled from the greek league. Former president of AEK, Dimitris Drosos told greek media that he will take care of the matter as it was created while he was in charge. When he left AEK in the summer he didn't pay this amount and now it remains to be seen if AEK will be in trouble or not..
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