Monday, November 17, 2008

Why is Trias not playing?

This is the question that asked via its article. It seems strange that an experienced player and prolific rebounder like Jordi Trias(2.06-PF) is being sidelined by coach Pascual.

Jordi Trias was one of the best players of coach Ivanovic last season, he was also announced as the MVP of the Euroleague in a game against Brose Basket where he collected 20 rebounds and he was also named as the best player of the Copa Del Rey last season. Trias was considered one of the best power forwards in Spain and part of the players of the 80s like Navarro and Cabezas.

Coach Pascual when asked about this he replied that he will play he is physically fit to play and when the circumstances of the game allow it. The fact remains that Trias has been playing less than Papadopoulos(!) and that he hasn't been playing even in the easier games so far. It remains to be seen what will happen.
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