Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Papadopoulos out, Varda in??

Papadopoulos broke his silence and made statements to La Marca about his sidelining in Real Madrid. The greek center said that it's not up to him to make a decision when he will play or not but he did say that the matter concerns him greatly. He also said "ask the coach, it's not up to me". Lazaros Papadopoulos(2.13-C) is trying to keep his cool and remain professional in his statements as rumors start building up in Lithuania about his imminent replacement.

According to the lithuanian media, Ratko Varda(2.13-C) will be packing his bags for Madrid in order to take the place of Papadopoulos in the roster of Real. The financially plagued Zalgiris might be getting rid of another contract to stay afloat. If Real gets rid of Papadopoulos they get rid of a 2 million euros contract that hasn't paid off at all. The question remains whether Real would have to pay a formidable compensation in the process.. More to follow.
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