Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rumors about releasing Adrian Henning

According to, Barons will be releasing Adrian Hennings(2.03-SF/PF). The reason behind that is that he is not a frontcourt player.

Coach Muiznieks said that Hennings, although being a very good player, is a perimeter player and he is not strong enough to play in the low post. Furthemore more the president of the team, Ivo Zonne, said that his agent promoted the player as a forward/center but it seems like Hennings is an athletic small forward and can't cover the needs of the team. The team also tried to cut down on the player's salaries but it go down very well with the player.

President Zonne also made a comment about this situation, putting in the spotlight the players' agents that are giving misleading information to the teams. Adrian Henning averaged 12 points and 3.6 rebounds in 5 games with Barons so far.
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