Thursday, November 20, 2008

Macijauskas will fight for his contract

Arvydas Macijauskas gave an interview to Sport Express in Poland and made some interesting statements regarding his rehabilitation.

He said he is grateful to Prokom for allowing him to train there. He spoke to coach Pacesas and asked him if he could train with the rest of the team and under the instructions of trainer Aleksandras Kosauskas who is a friend of his and a person that he trusts implicitly.

About Olympiacos, he said that he has a contract until 2010 and he intends to fight for his contract via his lawyers, although the greek team tries to get rid of him every step of the way. He said that injuries are part of being a pro athlete and that he hasn't had any serious injuries before that... which is questionable. He said that the case is currently being handled by Greek Basketball Federation and it should be clarified by the end of this year.
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