Friday, November 14, 2008

More rumors about Kobe Bryant

More rumors about Kobe Bryant made their way into the sports sites of the interweb. The first one came via Yahoo Sports and the article by Adrian Wojnarowski about Kobe Bryant's antics during the Olympics as he became the self-proclaimed sage and natural leader of the USA team.. apparently the new deal that the Olympiakos administration is offering to Kobe Bryant is a staggering 90 million dollars for a 3 year contract.

The new article from picks up on Yahoo's article to bring Kobe Bryant back into the spotlight and goes into great length to detail why would the NBA superstar be willing to make the jump to Europe and enjoy the riches of Olympiakos. The taxation system is completely different in Europe and besides the Aggelopoulos brothers, the moguls of the steel industry have lots of cash to splash out in order to lure even the most glamorous stars to Piraeus.

The arguments make sense that Kobe Bryant can potentially make ridiculous amounts of money playing in Greece especially if the Josh Childress experiment bears fruit. Technically it has because the fans of Olympiakos bought every single season ticket! As far as endorsements go Kobe Bryant would be still be treated like roayalty as he is treated now in the NBA and he can still get lucrative deals and advertise his name in Europe for a change.

The following extract is taken directly from the article of Adrian Wojnarowski and might explain the situation in just a few words:

"Now, Bryant is chasing a championship with the specter of a contract opt-out this summer. Already, a source close to his camp says that European powers have reached out quietly to his representation and set baselines for a possible free-agent contract. Offers of $30 million a year in Greece and Italy promise to be on the table, and, says one associate, “I guarantee whatever happens that Kobe will take that whole European thing down to the wire before he re-signs with the Lakers."

If this rumor becomes a reality it will mean the Aggelopoulos brothers do actually mean business and their aim will be to transform Olympikos into an NBA caliber club.

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