Friday, November 14, 2008

Candidates for the Polish National Team

It seems that the Polish Federation is keen to get its hands on a quality Euroleague class player to add to their National Team roster.

The latest addition to the list of possible candidates is David Logan(1.84-PG) of Prokom who has expressed his desire to polish media to receive a polish passport and perhaps play for the national team. Logan is a very strong candidate as his performance with Prokom in the Euroleague, 16.3 points 2.3 rebounds 3 assists in 4 games, has not gone unnoticed. He is not new to Poland as last season for example he was playing in Turow and challenged Prokom for the league title.

Other candidates for polish citizenship are Chris Thomas of Murcia, Dan Dickau and Andrew Wisniewski. Thomas' wife is polish so if he were to pursue the matter he could get a polish passport whereas the other two players have polish roots and their cases are still pending although there have been reports that Dickau might not be getting it after all. The latter 2 in fact will actually count as polish players and not as naturalized players.
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