Friday, June 20, 2008

Papaloukas is returning to Olympiakos

A long-awaited saga is soon coming to an end. According to greek media and Theo Papaloukas is returning to the team that broke his heart in the past, Olympiakos. Theo Papaloukas himself made most of the arrangements with the administration of Olympiakos and although the russian team wanted to retain him in their roster for next year he had made up his mind to
leave CSKA. The end of an era for the national team that won quite a few titles under the guidance of one of the best play-makers in Europe. It has not been disclosed how much money will Olympiakos pay to CSKA to release the player.

The contract of Papaloukas will be a 3-year contract and he will be a part of the greek team until 2011. In Olympiakos he will find some of his teammates in the national team and of course coach Giannakis who played a vital role in his decision to return. The deal will be announced soon.

Other rumors mentioned that Christos Harissis might be returning to Olympiakos although it seems more likely for him to find himself in Panionios.

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